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Important Notes for 2021


Last year's schedules were adjusted to fill the gaps created by Clubs that opted out of the tournament due to Covid-19 concerns. We welcome these clubs back in 2021!


The Host Clubs for 2021 were selected based on the 2019 Results with one adjustment: In sections where the same club would be hosting the same section in both 2020 and 2021, another club in that section was selected as the Host Club. Also note that no club is hosting more than 2 matches. 


Please check the Men's schedules and Women's Schedules and let us know ASAP if there are any conflicts for your club and we will do our best to accommodate you providing you let us know before April 30.

Rules and Guidelines:

The following updates were made to the Rules and Guidelines. Please refer to the full document for complete information.

SECTION 2 - Eligibility (Updated)

A player must be a member in good standing at their club, or a public player who plays in a club’s league. Every player must have a verifiable handicap factor on the Golf Canada Handicap System, or a verifiable handicap factor certified by their Club Professional in accordance with the World Handicap System. 

SECTION 3 - Team Composition (Updated)


QKIM encourages teams to include two alternates on their roster. In addition to gaining valuable experience in Match Play competition, alternates contribute to the spirit of the game and they play two important roles:  

  1. Alternates' scores may be used to break a tie between teams to determine the Champion. (See Section 6: Ties)

  2. If a player is absent or unable to complete at the scheduled start of the Match, the alternate will be slotted into the starting roster and the team will not forfeit its points to the other competitors in that grouping.

SECTION 4 - Handicap Factor (Updated) 

Current Handicap Factors for all players must be provided by the Team Captain at the Captain’s meeting prior to the first tee time on the day of the competition. Handicap Factors can be provided in one of the following ways:

  • Golf Canada Handicap Certification Form

  • Printout of the player’s handicap scoring record from the Golf Canada Score Center

  • Printout of the player’s current Golf Canada Handicap Card

  • Certification of handicap factor in accordance with World Handicap System, signed by Club Professional

Handicap Factor for Clubs entering a second Women's team (Updated)

Players on the second team must have a handicap factor higher or equal to the highest handicap factor on the club’s first team, including alternates, on the day of the match. If the matches are on different days, the date of the first match determines the HCP factor. 

Handicap Factor for Men’s B Division only:  (New exception)


Exception: The Convenor reserves the right to make a special exception if a player’s handicap factor drops below 10.5 within 1 week prior to the 4-week deadline and returns to 10.5 or higher before the day of the Match. A formal request must be made by the Club at the 4-week deadline.


SECTION 6. Scoring  (Updated)

Ties: In case of a tie between two or more teams, the team with the highest aggregate points of individual matches between members of the tied teams shall be the winner.  If the teams are still tied, the point results of the matches between members of the tied teams shall be compared on a sudden death basis starting with the 1st Alternate match, followed by the 2nd Alternate match (unless alternate used), then the lowest handicap players until the tie is broken.