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Important Notes for 2024

Welcome the 2024 Season!


Please take a few moments to read these important notes and share them with your captains and players.




The Men's and Women's Schedules are now posted. If there are any scheduling issues, please contact the Convenor immediately. Final schedules will be posted shortly after Registration closes on June 17 and all teams are confirmed. 


Attempts are made to schedule divisional matches on the same day, however some match dates get shuffled to avoid conflicts with club championships. Host Clubs are substituted if a Club is hosting more than 2 matches or is hosting the same match as last year.


Thank you to our 2024 Host Clubs for your hospitality and extending a warm welcome to all guest teams.

Team Roster Form

(New in 2024)


In an effort to speed up the Captains' Meeting, the Team Roster Form  (available as a fillable online form) must be emailed to the Convenor no later than 2 days prior to the match. The Team Roster Form has been updated with a ‘Power Cart’ checkbox next to each player’s name to assist host clubs with the deployment of power carts. Cart fee is the responsibility of the player.


$10 Visiting Player Fee

(New in 2024)


The opportunity to socialize and enjoy light refreshments after the match has always contributed to the overall enjoyment of the intersectional matches. 


As a pilot for 2024, each visiting player will contribute $10 to help with the cost of post-match nibbles. Since visiting players enjoy a free round of golf compliments of the host club, a small fee to help with refreshments seems reasonable to ask. This will also ensure a consistent experience for players across all matches. Team Captains will be expected to collect the fee from their players and present it to the host captain at the Captains' Meeting. 


QKIM welcomes your feedback on this trial. The OVGA (Ottawa Valley Golf Association) has implemented a $30 fee per visiting player in OVGA intersectional matches to cover the cost of a full meal, with taxes and gratuities. QKIM is proposing a small fee for light refreshments. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact us.


Rules and Guidelines:


Item 2: Eligibility 

(Revised in 2023)


Players must have a valid Golf Canada Handicap Index on the day of the match. No other HCP index will be allowed. The QKIM official reserves the right to verify and refuse play to any player who doesn’t meet this requirement.


A public player is allowed to play on a team ONLY IF the team is unable to recruit a full roster from its members. Any team found stacking its roster with public players for the purpose of gaining a competitive advantage will be disqualified.


Please take a few moments to read the complete QKIM Rules and Guidelines and share the pdf with your Team Captains. 

And finally,


Don't forget to check out the 2023 Results and Team Photos.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us. Good Luck to all 2024 teams, we wish you a successful and safe tournament!

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