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Important Notes for 2022

Welcome the 2022 Season!



Please check the Men's and Women's Preliminary Schedules and let us know BY APRIL 15 if there are any conflicts with your match dates. Efforts were made to schedule Divisional matches on the same weekend but some dates had do be shuffled to accommodate club championships. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.


The Host Clubs for 2022 were selected based on the 2021 Results. In sections where the same club would be hosting the same section in both 2021 and 2022, another club in that section was selected as the Host Club. No club is hosting more than 2 matches. 

We encourage all host clubs to provide light snacks for their guest teams after the match. Drinks are the responsibility of the player.

Rules and Guidelines:

The following updates were made to the Rules and Guidelines. Some are new this year, others are reminders from 2021. Please take a few moments to read the complete QKIM Rules and Guidelines and share the pdf with your Team Captains. 

SECTION 3 - Team Composition (Updated in 2021)


QKIM encourages teams to include two alternates on their roster. In addition to gaining valuable experience in Match Play competition, alternates contribute to the spirit of the game and they play two important roles:  

  1. Alternates' scores may be used to break a tie between teams to determine the Champion. (See below SECTION 6)

  2. If a player is absent or unable to compete, the alternate will be slotted into the starting roster at the Captain’s Meeting and the team will not forfeit its points to the other competitors in that grouping

SECTION 5. Competition  (Updated in 2022)

Substitution(s) can only be made at the Captains' Meeting and only with the alternate players listed on the Team Roster Form. No changes will be made to the groupings after the Captain’s Meeting. If a player is late for his/her tee time, the player loses the first hole and all subsequent holes in which he/she fails to appear. If a club does not have a full roster, the slots in the highest HCP groups shall be vacant.


SECTION 6. Scoring  (Updated in 2021)

Ties: In case of a tie between two or more teams, the team with the highest aggregate points of individual matches between members of the tied teams shall be the winner.  If the teams are still tied, the point results of the matches between members of the tied teams shall be compared on a sudden death basis starting with the 1st Alternate match, followed by the 2nd Alternate match (unless alternate used), then the lowest handicap players until the tie is broken.

SECTION 8. Interruption of Play  (Updated in 2022)

If play is interrupted for more than 45 minutes due to bad weather or for any other reason resulting in the competition being incomplete, scoring shall be in accordance with the existing Rule. The QKIM official may use his/her discretion to alter the 45 minute time limit depending on circumstances.

And finally,


Don't forget to check out the 2021 Results and Team Photos.

Good Luck to all 2022 teams, we wish you a successful and safe tournament!